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Our Background:

At-Scene is a SAAS product which helps local and county governments in the USA to manage their documents online and to collaborate with other agencies. The users store their files using mobile app, desktop app and browser app.

The users love our product since they use our product to work with all kinds of files - video, audio, documents, pdf etc. They can share files with others with one click. They can also control the access as granularly as possible.

We have two products - iCrimeFighter and At-Scene. The iCrimeFighter product is for Law Enforcement and Judiciary. While At-Scene is for the non-law enforcement sections of governments. Our market is in the USA and we mainly work with county and state governments.


At-Scene was started in 2011 with iCrimeFighter as the first product. This helped Law Enforcement (LE) agencies to manage their digital evidence. It was just a mobile app then. Now we have the full suite of iOS and Android apps, Desktop app and the backend APIs to support these apps.

This product has organically grown to help county government agencies like Health & Human Services, Zoning, Child Services etc to collaborate easily. This product which supports non-LE customers is At-Scene.

We are now in more than 10 states in the USA and have more than 300 agencies as our customers. Our system runs on AWS GovCloud and you can find more information here.


The founding team has extensive experience in technology in sectors like Saas, Fintech, Crypto, Security, Public Sector etc. The CEO has also invested in multiple startups and is responsible for At-Scene to reach this stage without any outside funding. One of the founders has also sent a Raspberry Pi to space!

What to expect:

Our team is 100% remote and we have associates in the USA, Germany, India, Mexico and Colombia. We are also flexible in roles and work. When some of our associates wanted to shift from Front end work to back end, we welcomed the move. The sales team helps with marketing, the marketing team provides input to SEO and so on. Thanks to this collaboration, we are able to get the sales and marketing to work like a seamless process.


We are a bootstrapped cash flow positive company. As an associate, this means that we can focus on our work instead of worrying about finances and cashflow. Our team is focussed on growth right now and not looking at the next funding milestone. This also means that we are able to make quick decisions on the way forward.

Why join us?

Our work is challenging - In technology, we are looking to scale our product to serve ever larger clients. Since our product is used in web, mobile and desktop, we are building exciting libraries that can be used in all environments. We are also contributing to open source projects.

In technology, you will:

  1. Build highly scalable data and file synchronization systems

  2. Work on complex engineering challenges involving cryptography and security

  3. Handle priorities and deadlines to deliver

  4. And yet have fun with a team who believe in enjoying what they do

In sales and marketing, we are trying new techniques to sell remotely. Our sales teams are also looking to sell to medium and large agencies. We are collaborating with AWS account managers to sell to their established clients. Since this is the public sector, we always face interesting challenges and it is exciting to see our new sales strategies work and get us new customers.

We have done many experiments in email marketing, and are still learning a lot. How to ensure that our message resonates with the recipient? How to ensure that it is easier for the users to learn more about product and sign-on? We are tweaking this every week.

In Sales and Marketing, you will:

  1. Sell to local and county government officials who love our product and have funding challenges

  2. Identify different levers to sell the product

  3. Learn new ways to market and sell to public sector

We have much more exciting stuff going on. If you are interested, please check out our jobs and come join us!


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