Where it started

At-Scene Cloud was born as iCrimeFighter in 2011 when Mario had the idea of using an iPhone to collect files replacing traditional devices such as digital cameras, video cameras, and voice recorders. He founded iCrimeFighter with his fellow officer Jeremy and created the first iOS app - iCrimeFighter. Since then, the team and the product have grown and evolved. 

iCrimeFighter is used by 200+ agencies all across the country, including accounts in MN, WI, IA, ND, NE, FL, TX and NY.  Our solution also expanded from just an evidence collection app to a full evidence hosting solution that allows our partners to seamlessly collect, store and share all of their files for one low price. 

Steven London


With a background in both law and business, Steven's focus is on creating products that help our local and county government customers do their jobs more efficiently and effectively.  Steven is a graduate of the University of Minnesota, The University of Iowa and Middlebury College.  He lives in Minnesota with his wife and two kids while attending more youth soccer, hockey, gymnastics, dance and choir events than seems possible.  

Jason Brovitch

CSO (Chief Sales Officer)

Jason comes with over 18 years of experience offering technology solutions to the government and law enforcement space. He has a clear understanding how the government adapts technology to build long-term revenue for the company. Jason handles the day to day sales team, working with them to create better processes for success. He currently lives in MN, home base of At-Scene Cloud and in 2017 was able to create a solid base in MN to expand into the 9 states At-Scene Cloud covers today.   

Jason Macks


Jason handles the day-to-day support issues and assists the sales and technical teams. He comes with a background in tech and customer service working in various industries. He has a passion for creating a better world through technology. He currently lives in Kentucky with his wife and two dogs.

Darwin Melin

Sales Executive

Darwin Melin is a Sales Executive for iCrimefighter. He has been a chief of police in the state of MN for more than a decade. He is based in MN and helps prospective customers understand how iCrimeFighter can help with their day to day operations.




Jeremy grew up in a small Central Minnesota town. He enlisted in the United States Marine Corp and served in an 81mm mortar platoon and Military police. After serving in the military,  he received a degree in law enforcement at Alexandria Technical College. He was hired as a police officer with Metro Transit in 2004 where he met his friend and partner, Mario Galasso. Mario asked what he thought about starting an evidence-gathering app for smartphones and iCrimeFighter was born.



Mario is a retired Police Sergeant with over 24 years of experience. He has served as a Field Training Officer, Investigator, Traffic Homicide Investigator, and on the Counter-Terrorism and Emergency Response Units. Mario is a United States Navy Veteran, having served in Operation Iraqi Freedom 2009-2010. Mario graduated from Saint Mary's University, Minnesota with a degree in Criminal Justice.