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CDs for Sharing


Share files with Colleagues, Business Partners without burning CDs

Share Documents and Videos without shipping media

With At-Scene Cloud, the files are shared with a single link which can be shared by email, message, etc. No more shipping of physical media for sharing documents.

Share files without burning DVDs

At-Scene Cloud gives you one-click sharing of files. No more burning of CDs, DVDs and other media.

Ease of collecting files from the field

You can collect files from the At-Scene mobile app. You can even collect files directly by sending an email. There is more than one way to collect files with At-Scene Cloud.

Ease of sharing videos

With At-Scene Cloud, you do not have to worry about large file sizes. Large files like videos are handled just as easily as other files. To view them, you don't have to download the large files.

Keeping files Safe Since 2011

At-Scene Cloud was born in MN in 2011 as iCrimeFighter. iCrimeFighter has been serving Law Enforcement agencies in the midwest and now have customers in MN, WI, IL, SD, ND, FL, NY, IA, NE and TX.

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